nedjelja, 28. kolovoza 2016.


Hello ^^
Today's post is an outfit. The last post was a cooperation.
However, now we are returning to normal.
Soon begins the school and the new responsibilities. When are you going back to school?
Summer break quickly passed and I have to say that I don't like the idea that I have to get up earlier.
This outfit is casual .  I wear Deichmann white sneakers, long skirt from Zara and H&M  T-shirt.
I hope you like the new post. See you next timeee ♡

Zdravo ^^
Današnji post jeste outfit .Prethodni postovi su bili većinom suradnje.
Međutim, sada se vraćamo u normalu .
Uskoro će škola i nove obaveze . Kada se vi vraćate u školske klupe ? Raspust je brzo prošao i moram priznati da mi nije drago što ću morati dosta ranije ustajati .
Današnji outfit je neka casual varijanta.Obukla sam Deichmann bijele starke, dugu suknju iz Zare i H&M majicu .Nadam se da vam se sviđa novi post. Vidimo se idući puuuuut ♡

srijeda, 10. kolovoza 2016.


Hi ^^
Today's post is a recipe for starbucks mocha latte.
In Bosnia we don't have starbucks .
I tried mocha latte before and it tastes so yummy.
It’s time to start making those mochas at home, with the help of a recipe from

1/4 cup of chocolate chips or chopped dark chocolate bits
1 cup of milk
1/2 cup of coffee
dash of sugar or another sweetener (optional )

Put chocolate and milk in a mug (or Pyrex cup) and microwave for 2 minutes. Stir milk and chocolate together until it melts. Brew a cup of strong coffee. Pour chocolate mixture into coffee, slowing adding little bits of the chocolate mixture until the mocha is of desired taste and consistency. Add a dash of sugar or other sweeteners to taste.
I hope you like my new post.
See you next time ♡